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People working in these Industries Found to be Cheating More


Ever wondered what kind of people cheat on their partners and with whom? A survey of over 5,000 women who are currently cheating on their partners (or have cheated in the past) was conducted by Victoria Milan a dating website that is dedicated to the needs of people looking to cheat or people that cheat.

The participants were asked a number of questions regarding their relationships-past and present and the answers were mind boggling to say the least.

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To the question, how many of them cheated with someone they worked together with, two out of three women responded that they had cheated with their co-worker. However, majority of them regretted the illicit relationship and were also concerned about the repercussions from such relationships such as a bad ending to it and the awkward work environment the fall out could cause.

Most of the participants said that the workplace was the most convenient place to have an affair as the bonding and attraction to another person takes place more quickly in the work environment. They also said that it was the easiest place to hide an illicit relationship as they wouldn’t need to go anywhere..

people that cheat
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So in case you are wondering which is the top profession in which women cheat?  According to the survey, most women who cheat at the workplace are brokers and bankers.  The second profession which had the most cheaters were pilots and flight attendants. Below is the result of the survey which lists out the top industries people cheat in:


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