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    Its surprising, that people did try to travel with these items

    knife confiscated tsa airport

    While traveling there is somehow or the other there are some incidence we never forget. Sometime we miss the flight and sometime the flight is delayed because of some reason. In most of the cases the flight also get delayed because the passengers carry the stuff which is not allowed. Then obviously the security personnel […] More

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    Humanoid Robots becoming unimaginably realistic

    jia jia robot

    As our civilization advances continuously toward automation and building machines,we are seeing changes happening right before our eyes. We shouldn’t be surprised if in the next decade we have robots in our homes. The companies that are building these robots are foreseeing that these robots will help us and make our lives easy but only […] More

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    In order for Robots to be smart they need both think and feel

    Robots to be smart they need both think and feel

    For more than two millennia, Western thinkers have separated emotion from cognition – emotion being the poorer sibling of the two. Cognition helps to explain the nature of space-time and sends humans to the Moon. Emotion might save the lioness in the savannah, but it also makes humans act irrationally with disconcerting frequency. In the […] More

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    8th floor high wave, the largest wave ever recorded

    wave 8 floor building high

    In New Zealand, scientists recorded a wave which was as high as 8 floor building i.e. around 78 foot. This is supposed to be highest wave ever recorded. The wave was recorded during a monstrous storm which made the ocean show its full fury. Have a look! Check out the Lava fountain in the Backyard […] More

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    Lava fountain in backyard, yes this happened in Hawaii

    lava eruption

    A man from Hawaii who left his residence because of the Kilauea Volcano eruption warning, was in for a big shock when he returned home to take some of his belongings. When he went to check his backyard, he was shocked to see that lava was erupting from his backyard in full force. He was […] More

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    Most Powerful Passports in the World: 2018 Ranking

    most powerful passport

    Everyone assumes that a passport is only for crossing your country’s border and a proof of identity that enables us to travel to other countries. But did you know some passports in the world are more powerful than the others? Yup, some passports reflect the countries a passport-holder can access without making an application, meaning that […] More

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    Find out which is the tallest waterfall in the world

    James Bruce Falls canada - Find out which is the tallest waterfall in the world

    You must have heard about tallest mountains in the world. How about knowing which is the tallest waterfall. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain but sadly it does not have the waterfall. Waterfall always been tourist destination and playing under is also fun sometimes. If you frequent traveler around the world, then you should not miss […] More

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    Find out which are the most difficult languages to learn

    difficult language worldwide 758x269 - Find out which are the most difficult languages to learn

    When we want to learn a new language, first we check that how difficult the language is to learn. Language is important tool if you want to communicate with others. Whether vocal or written good command over a language makes your life really easy specially when you are not at your native place. If you […] More

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    These mysterious underwater discoveries will leave you shocked

    City Shi Cheng china 2 - These mysterious underwater discoveries will leave you shocked

    About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Water is main source of life on any planet and why not, it hold many secret also. Till date most of parts our oceans are still to be explored. Discoveries are made on day to day basis, some of them are very shocking and mysterious. […] More