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    Mozilla Firefox Quantum: Speed Unleashed

    Mozilla firefox quantum

    Mozilla recently released its latest version of the Firefox Browser called Firefox Quantum. According to the Mozilla Foundation, this new browser is much faster and has a better user interface. Users who have tried this new browser highly recommend that you change your browser to Firefox Quantum or Firefox57. The new features include major improvements […] More

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    A Louis Vuitton Toilet Only For $100,000!

    Louis Vuitton Toilet

    Are you a millionaire thinking of upgrading your toilet? Tired of the normal usual boring toilets and colours? Then maybe you ought to consider the Louis Vuitton design for your new toilet. A special toilet made with Louis Vuitton bags worth $15,000/- dollars by artist Illma Gore is the talk of the town. This extra […] More

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    See if you can use Google AdSense and AdWords together

    google adsense and adwords together at same time

    If you are wondering whether you can use Google AdSense and AdWords together, then this article is for you to understand them before you take this step. This becomes more important when your earning is dependent on your website through ads. When you are struggling to get traffic on your website, you try to do […] More

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    Its showdown, WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

    wordpress vs drupal vs joomla 2017

    WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are the three top contenders when it comes to Content Management System (CMS). Without any doubt, WordPress is the undisputed king in this arena. But there are a fair number of people who are using other CMSes like Drupal or Joomla. Each one of them offers their pros and cons. Since choosing […] More

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    From Robocop to Robot Lawyer: Learn more about DoNotPay


    Joshua Browder is a British-American entrepreneur who founded DoNotPay, the world’s first chatbot that allows vehicle owners and drivers to appeal their parking tickets automatically. When he got his drivers license at the age of 18, Browder started incurring a huge pile of parking tickets and fed up of having to spend so much time […] More

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    Russian Boy Claiming To Be From Mars

    russian mars boy

    Recently, a young Russian has left scientists baffled with his claims that he was born in Mars. His name is Boriska Kipriyanovich from Volgograd, Russia has said that he lived in Mars before he was reborn on Earth as his mission was to save mankind. He has repeatedly claimed that he was previously a Martian […] More

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    Excel plus sign and insert row not working? See the solution

    insert row excel disabled or greyed

    Are you worried that the drag sign and insert row option in Microsoft Excel not working? If yes, don’t worry. We will provide you with the result oriented solution. Microsoft Excel is part of almost every working professional and a life saver for accounting people and nightmare for some. MS Excel can perform many operations […] More

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    Ten Basic things that every WordPress user should know

    wordpress basics user guide

    WordPress basics is like a starter pack to get a feel of WordPress and knowing the system quickly. WordPress is becoming popular day by day and has become the most preferred blogging platform for bloggers. If we talk about figures, WordPress accounts for about 25% of websites and more that 50% of websites use WordPress for […] More

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    WhatsApp is down right now for some regions

    WhatsApp logo

    Is WhatsApp down? Yes it’s true that it is down for many users across regions. If you are experiencing glitches in WhatsApp today and wondering whether it is your phone or internet connection, it is not. WhatsApp itself is the problem as users are unable to send or receive messages or app is crashing. According […] More

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    When and how you should put iframe on WordPress Site

    iframe plugin wordpress picture

    When you want to embed web content on your website, iframe plugins really comes handy. These days most of the web content has the option to embed the content on your website. You just need to copy and paste the given code into your website code to display. Like if you want to embed a YouTube video […] More

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    All you wanted to know about the Dark Web

    dark web

    Dark Web is a small part of Deep Web. It is believed that stuff at Dark Web is mostly of criminal nature and which is not indexed (searchable) by search engines like Google. Most of the time Dark Web is confused with Deep Web. Since this part of web keeps you anonymous, people like activists […] More

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    All you wanted to know about the Deep Web

    deep web access

    Internet is huge and Deep Web is a monster. Most of the people just surf the internet which is available through search engines like Google. What if the internet that you are using is just 4 to 10 % of the entire internet? Isn’t that shocking? Deep Web consists of almost 90% percent of the […] More

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