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8 Weirdly Fun Facts You Have To Know Right Away!

Hedy Lamarr publicity photo for the film The Heavenly Body, 1944

These are not just your regular fun facts, these are actually INTERESTING! So get ready to expand that knowledge of the weirdly fascinating information in your head.

Here are your unknown weird facts!

# 1: A donkey sanctuary in Canada shows us how four-legged animals should wear their pants

8 Weirdly Fun Facts You Have To Know Right Away! 1
@DonkeySancCa / Twitter

Big Ben is one of the animals at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, who had been suffering too many bites from flies. To protect his legs from the bites, a volunteer at the sanctuary designed these pants. Aren’t they cool?


# 2: If cans of Diet Coke and regular Coke are placed in water, Diet Coke floats while regular Coke sinks

diet coke floats in water
Via: Reddit

Well, as they say, its all about the sugar! Regular soda cans use corn syrup for sweetness, which has higher density than artificial sweeteners that are used in diet sodas. There’s the science. Now go try it!


# 3: A bag of chips will puff up at high altitude places

8 Weirdly Fun Facts You Have To Know Right Away! 2

Bear with me, some science again (interesting though). It’s about the air pressure. The air inside the bag of chips matches the pressure of the altitude it was sealed. When you go higher and the pressure gets lower, the pressure inside the bag of chips becomes higher than what it is outside, causing it to push against the bad and hence puff up.


# 4: The word “snack” originates from dogs stealing food through history

dog steal
Via: Pixabay

During the 1400s, if a dog took away some food from a person’s plate, it was said that the dog “snaked”. The word “snaked” is a version of the Middle Dutch word “to bite”. Slowly with time, the word “snack” started to be used for any small portion of food.


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