Horror Movies Are Very Comforting, Here’s Why

I know what you’re thinking. How can horror movies make someone feel all goody-goody inside?

Well, there are a lot of studies and research that shows that people usually watch horror movies to get away from reality and feel a sense of thrill from it. To go through the scary parts feeling scared, but then to come out of them feeling safe and secure. It gives them a sense of excitement and adventure which is pleasurable. They know in their minds that it is fake and so it is enjoyable for them. Nobody would want a horror scene to come to life, now would they?

It is all about the escape and the adrenaline, experts say. You know you are scared while watching the scared to death scene in a movie, but you don’t want to stop. You want to know more, find out what happens next, to reach the end. It is a journey you’re on and even if it is scary, you like it.

Here are the main reasons why people like watching horror movies and how they satisfy them –

  1. Horror movies help people get closer

This is a classic date idea, and for good reason! A lot of dating experts advice watching a horror movie together too. It helps you get closer to your partner and increases the attraction between the two of you. You know what I’m saying, right? (Wink wink). On a serious note, the experience of being scared and vulnerable together gives room for you and your partner to explore intimacy and get more comfortable.

  1. Horror movies give a kind of thrill that is pleasurable

Some people love watching horror movies because the fear and thrill they feel while watching the movie makes them feel good. They like the intense emotions they go through as they watch these movies – the rush, adrenaline, heart racing. Not kidding, for some people, this is a LOT of fun. They like the state of being in fear, it gives them secret pleasure. Strange, I know.

  1. Watching horror movies is an adventure

People like to know that in the end of a horror movie, everything is going to be alright because it is not real. The feeling of watching the movie feels like an adventure – to go through the creepy terrifying parts that send chills down the spine but come out feeling relieved. People like that. It adds to their feeling of being okay even if there is something daunting happening in front of you. Inf act, this actually helps people face difficult times in real life situations too.

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