Try Eating These 5 Foods Before You Drink Beer

Nobody likes a horrible hangover after a night of drinking. To be able to avoid that annoyingly horrid headache in the morning, there are some food choices for you. A lot of people think that if you eat oily and fatty food it will help with the morning headache, but no.

If you are planning on a party night where you are going to get sloshed, you might wanna check out these food options that can really help you lower the impact of the hangover that comes later. Well, water also plays a major role in helping you feel better, so stay well hydrated too!

Eat these 5 foods before you start that drinking beer!

  1. Hummus

When you drink alcohol, it burns out the Vitamin B in your body. If you have hummus, which is super full of Vitamin B, with bread or some vegetables, you will be charged up for your party night and have a lot of energy. Also, hummus has amino acids, which are key to keep that morning hangover away.

  1. Pears

Another amazing food to have to keep the party going all night long. Having pears or drinking some pear juice helps lower the blood alcohol level in the body. This is because pears have the quality of quickly clearing out alcohol from the body. They reduce the effects of alcohol by 20 percent. So, have some pears and you can go on for longer than you usually last at your drinking parties.

  1. Chicken

Ah, chicken. Did you know that eating chicken before you start drinking can help you maintain your sugar levels? Alcohol has the capacity to make your sugar levels go crazy and ultimately crash – which is why you feel shaky and unstable. Eating chicken before you start will take care of that part, because your sugar levels will be steady and also, the protein in the chicken can slow down the process of your blood alcohol level increasing.

  1. Pickles

Pickles are great to keep away the nasty effects that alcohol can have in your body – especially the dizziness and headaches. Pickles are filled with electrolytes. Since alcohol wrecks the electrolytes in your system, eating some pickles or drinking pickle juice is helpful to charge your body up with electrolytes and keep the dizziness and headaches away!

  1. Salmon

The reason why you don’t really remember a lot of things from your nights of drinking is because alcohol burns the body’s B12 vitamins, which directly works with the body’s cognitive functions and short-term memory. Salmon is rich in B12 and eating it will help you remember them good times! Now you won’t need to wake up with a headache and a blurry memory.

Pick a few of these before starting your party, and you will be thankful in the morning.

Try Eating These 5 Foods Before You Drink Beer 1

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