Benefits of Basil Leaves You Should Know

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Basil leaves are known to be one of the best herbs when it comes to Ayurveda and traditional medicines. Along with the numerous health and medical benefits they provide with, basil leaves are popularly used in Italian cuisine, especially pizzas and sauces. Giving a fresh presentation to the food, these leaves add a wonderful flavour that one cannot resist.

While we all know some of the health benefits that basil leaves provide us with, there are some which are still not known by many! Here’s uncovering those hidden benefits for you.

You will probably love basil even more after you read them –

  1. Helps with anti-aging

 So apparently, basil leaves have these properties that help the body stand as a shield against the damaging results of anti-aging! Research and studies show that this particular herb has been used traditionally as an ingredient to promote youth and glow. The best news you’ve heard today, right?

  1. Fights cancer

Basil leaves are proven to contain phytochemicals in them, which help in fighting cancer by keeping cancerous cells away from the body. Medical research is looking into the possibility of basil extract being used in cancer treatments, especially for liver, lung and skin cancers.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Basil leaves and basil oil extracts work like magic to help get rid of inflammation and keep the body away from various chronic diseases. Call them anti-inflammatory herbs, because they do a great job at keeping body inflammation and swelling away.

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  1. Super rich in antioxidants

Basil leaves are full of antioxidants and that is a very good thing! Antioxidants help majorly in keeping way the harmful bacteria and protecting the white blood cells. These chemicals help stop the ill effects of free radicals in our body and balance them out, helping the body to boost immunity.

  1. Reduces stress

Another super important benefit! Stress has become such an integral part of our daily lives that destressing seems to be an impossible exercise. In fact, thinking of destressing itself can be so stressful! Well, good news: add some basil to your diet and you can have some control over stress. Recent studies show that basil could be an adaptogen herb, a type of herb that is used by traditional ways of medicine like Ayurveda, to reduce stress and help bring the body to a state of stability. This way, with a diet that includes basil in it, you can combat stress in the most natural way possible.

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