Adam West, the original Batman is no more

Died at Age 88

PhotofestAdam West (left) and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin.

Adam West is widely known for his iconic role as Batman in the 1960’s ABC Batman series even though the series was aired only for three seasons.

West said in an interview in 2014  “You get terrible typecast playing a character like that”. But he was later delighted that his role got such fame and playing in big budget films.

Adam West
Photo of Adam West, taken at the 41st Emmy Awards – Photo by Alan Light

West died late Friday night, after a brief battle with leukemia in Los Angeles at the age of 88.

The actor had an impressive 62 year long career and was active in recent times as well, In February 2016, West guest-starred as himself on the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Ben Affleck tweeted


Adam West
Adam West (left) and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin.


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