If you are a Marvel fan you need to how ‘Avengers 4’ may start

The way Avengers: Infinity War ended was just tragic. It left all the Marvel fans in shock. One snap and everything turned to dust. Well, in this case, it was Spider-man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther.

The snap that came with a price. A HUGE price.

The end has got everyone creating theories around it, with hopes that the tragedy they witnessed is just a tricky cliff-hanger and nothing else. That is precisely what’s keeping us going.

A lot of these theories mainly suggest that the Avengers that disappeared are not really dead but have gone into a whole new dimension.

avengers infinity war poster
Credit : Marvel

We would definitely like to think so because how can you kill these guys, right? They are THE Avengers!

One fan theory has a very interesting opener for ‘Avengers 4’ and well, it has us all convinced!

Introducing the “two dimension theory”

This theory suggests that ‘Avengers 4’ will open with Thanos’ snap, but instead of the new Avengers disappearing, the original Avengers will disappear.

Wait, what?

Watching the new ones die itself was heartbreaking, now the originals die?!

Before you drown yourself in misery, here’s some explaining and it is something you definitely wanna read.

There will be two dimensions, one with the original Avengers (Dimension One) and the other with the new Avengers (Dimension Two).

The deaths in Infinity War happened in Dimension One where the new Avengers died and the original Avengers lived. In ‘Avengers 4’ the original Avengers will die in Dimension Two and the new Avengers will live.

We don’t know what the new Avengers will do in Dimension Two (that’s up for more speculation and theories), but are hoping that the original Avengers take on Thanos in Dimension One. Because hey, give the audience what it wants!

It is also not known how the two dimensions will function. They might be unstable, making a unification of the two a huge probability and that would be the main highlighting factor of the movie.

The original Avengers taking on Thanos and saving the world together would be the dream of every single Marvel fan.

Let’s hope we get to watch it in 2019!

If you are a Marvel fan you need to how ‘Avengers 4’ may start 1


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