Your Zodiac Sign Is Here To Help With Your Wedding Planning

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Ah, the wedding planning madness. It can be fun, because you are planning for your BIG DAY, but it can also be super stressful and taxing since it takes a lot of work. With so many details that require your time and energy, it can all make you go crazy. Even with event planners by your side, it can feel like the burden of constantly needing to work out all the nitty gritty parts of the big day, and even all of the events leading up to it!

I know, it can be very very hectic. But do not let this scare you at all! Your dream wedding deserves all the details and all that hard work. It will be a day that will forever be etched on your heart as it would be the start of a beautiful journey with your partner. So, it deserves all the demands it makes.

But what does your dream wedding look like? Is it going to be one at an exotic location, a crazy adventurous elopement, a small cosy one with close family and friends?

Thanks to the stars, some of you can find out what your wedding would be like according to your zodiac sign. (Maybe you can plan accordingly too!)

  • Libras, Aquarius and Capricorn

These signs generally go for small weddings, with their guest list not going beyond 30-50 people. They like exotic locations but would like only for their very close family and friends to be part of this life-changing decision of their lives. It is all about intimacy for them and they will not compromise that. Among this lot, Libras are the ones who think about eloping the most. They like to have that splash of adventure and elope. They enjoy an even smaller guest list and want very little to do with the whole planning phase.

  • Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

These guys LOVE big weddings. Everything needs to be perfect, just like in their head when they picture it. They are open to taking risks but then if something goes wrong, the hired planners will have to face the music. All the details have to be approved by these micromanagers. They want to celebrate this day with all of their friends and family and along with making it a memorable day for themselves, they also want to put up a good fancy party that people will talk about for a while.

  • Cancer, Leo and Aries

Small and intimate is what these signs also look for when they picture their wedding day. It has to have family that is close and friendships that have turned into family in the past years. They would like to invest more in capturing all the moments from the day rather than increasing the guest list to accommodate more people. It has to be classy from the clothes till the most minute detail of the decorations, and yet, be surrounded a small gathering of people who mean the most to them.

  • Pisces, Gemini and Taurus

These signs will not meddle much with the plan and give most of it to the planners, but they love building ideas for the wedding, and good ones too. Their intention is to make the wedding day a beautiful start to marriage and include loved ones who mean the most to them in this celebration. Everything is romantic and beautiful and it is lovely being around the wedding season with these guys.

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