What Astrologers Say About The Way You Act In Love

According to astrologers, your zodiac sign says a lot about how you act when in love.

Here’s unveiling your way of defining your actions when you’re in love –

  1. Aquarian

“Aquarians believe they love everyone” but can come off as “emotionally cold, and even callous and curt” in romantic relationships, Susan Shumsky, a spiritual teacher and author, told INSIDER. “Their partners might feel they’re not getting enough attention and personal love.”

“Rather than buying flowers on Valentine’s Day, they will make you some quirky card as a testament to some avant-garde inside joke between you two,” Vedic Astrologer Griffin Damron explained. “Instead of dressing up and going to a nice dinner, they’d rather wear what they want and explore the quirks of the arts district. While their unconventional approach to love can throw the more traditional among us for a loop, just know that Aquarius always need to be different.”

  1. Pisces

“Pisces can be easily blind-sighted in relationships and can be easily hurt,” Shumsky said. “They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they feel everything deeply. And because they are so loving, they might end up choosing the wrong one who is abusive or unfaithful.”

  1. Aries

“Aries have a hard time compromising their individuality,” Damron said, adding that Aries “can be too self-centered” and that their biggest lesson in love is to “consider the points of view of their partners as equal to their own.”

  1. Taurus

“[Tauruses] tend to hold on when there’s nothing left to hold on to,” said Shumsky. To ths. Damron added that it is because the bull feels its strongest in its comfort zone.

“Tauruses are the sturdy and lazy bulls of the zodiac,” he said. “They like to plod steadily in their pasture. They love what is comfortable and won’t deviate from a path once they have found something that works.”

  1. Gemini

“Ever curious about others, [Gemini] will probe endlessly to find the most interesting person,” Damron said, adding that because Gemini are on a mission to find the shiniest toy on the shelf, the air sign can be flighty and typically won’t fall hard for just one person.

“It’s no wonder why the sign is symbolized by two twins endlessly chattering away,” Damron said. “Their minds run at a million miles per minute, and they always want to be up-to-date with their partner. They will always be texting, calling, and video-chatting you. Geminis need constant communication in love.”

  1. Cancer

A Cancer feels in control and comfortable at the homestead, so they’ll show you love by “keeping a nice home for you, cleaning, cooking — although they often expect you to do your part,” Shumsky said. “They’re very much homebodies, and sharing and spending time with you at home, or at their home, is their favorite romantic setting.”

“[Cancers] are the most domestic of all signs, always trying to make their partners feel at home,” Damron said. “While this can be nice sometimes, more often than not we are not looking for a mother in a romantic partner.”

  1. Leo

“[Leos] have big, unselfish hearts and their love is as big as their radiant energy,” Shumsky said. Shumsky noted that Leos are both “deeply caring and generous” in the sheets.

  1. Virgo

Virgos “are very dependent on their partner’s faithfulness,” Shumsky said, and that co-dependency can bring out the worst in them.

  1. Libras

“Libras will be the most thoughtful and considerate partners, always sacrificing and compromising their own needs for the benefit of their lover,” Damron said. “This can be a problem for the Libra because they can lose themselves in their partner.”

  1. Scorpio

“Scorpios can be very deep in love to discuss all the hidden mysteries of life like psychic phenomenon, astrology, life after death, sex, and so on,” Damron said.

  1. Sagittarius

“They might not be the most emotional lovers,” Shumsky said. “But they will be enthusiastic, generous, willing to try anything, and willing to please.”

“[Sagittariuses] define their identity by their religious and philosophical beliefs, as well as their love for foreign travel,” Damron said. “It is essential that they take their partner to foreign lands to expand their horizons through new seeing cultures.”

  1. Capricorn

According to Damron, “Capricorns are the most cold and emotionless in love,” and prefer to be “cold, rational and calculating.” Capricorns are the “masters of the material world” and are great at “organizing things, building material wealth, and creating long-term abundance,” Damron said. So even though they don’t really say it out loud every now and then that they love you, they’re really good at showing it by “working hard and providing materially for their partners.”



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