Choosing or go for Digital Ocean


This is a big problem who are starting up their blogs and in future looking to monetize it. When you are ready to put all your effort into starting a blog. You think I have got a domain but should I host my blog on or go for other hosting services provider.

If you have not considered it then you should rethink about it. The good hosting will determine how your blog will perform. No matter how well written your blog is or how interesting articles your blog is having. The hosting services for your blog play a very vital in its success.

It is like buy a perfect car for the race. If your car is not good then your driving skills are pretty useless.

So one of the immediate options for you is to go for Yes, it is a good hosting decision which gives you right away getting a well manages web hosting suite, specially designed for WordPress. The personal plans look lucrative for the starter. It offers custom domains and some decent storage. But as your blog grows and your requirement grows so you need to change your plan. Then as you go for the higher plans you would get some premium options at a higher price. Well, the reason I am narrating this that if you are a person who doesn’t want to mess up with code or have no knowledge of coding then it is your best option to go for which caters your need under one roof.

Don’t get confused with and is a software website which provides WordPress software which is free to use and you would need as hosting company to install WordPress software to start your website. And is like pre-installed WordPress software ready to go and inbuilt hosting services under one roof.

For those who want to try different than conventional hosting such as shared hosting etc. And also tried bit and want the little edge of convenience. Sometimes you underestimate your blog because you never know what requirement are.

To handle the large request of users you need VPS hosting which you can easily manage the resources.

Digital Ocean is one good host provider the plan just start for $5 a month and you can easily change the ram, storage as per your requirement with just a click of a button. In fact, the plans are charges on an hourly basis, so you cancel the plan anytime without paying for a whole month.

WordPress can be installed on Digital Ocean with one click and your blog will be running on SSD drive within seconds.

Why don’t give a try to Digital Ocean and if you are not happy just cancel it anytime you want. It is that simple, no monthly commitments.

Click here to get your super deal.

In the end, I just want to add that or Digital Ocean, you would need some tweaks to get perfect plugins and theme to make your blog a success.


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