Windows 10 users, use these new shortcuts keys

Windows 10 has been out for sometime now and users have mixed reaction to its usability. But on the whole it’s great improvement from Windows 8. Users using windows 8 should have already updated their system with Windows 10, all thanks to Microsoft for providing the free update.

Windows 10 shortcuts keys

For Windows 10 users, these shortcut keys can be really helpful to increase your speed.

Windows 10 Keyboard ShortcutDescription
WindowsShow the Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows + TabLaunch Windows 10 Task View
Windows + CSearch the web and Windows with Cortana (speech)
Windows + SSearch the web and Windows with Cortana (keyboard input)
Windows + IOpen Windows 10 settings
Windows + AOpen Windows 10 Action Center (e.g. to display notifications and customize quick actions)
Windows + Ctrl + DCreate new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + F4Close current virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + [Left][Right]Switch between virtual desktops
Windows + [Left][Right][Up][Down]Position windows on your screen

E.g. Windows + [Left] moves the current window to the left half of your screen. If you use Windows + [Up] afterwards, the current window will be placed in the upper left quarter of your screen.

And, what’s very handy in my opinion: If you release the Windows key after positioning a window, Task View shows up on the opposite side of the positioned window to select and position another app.

Windows + HShare content (if supported by current app)
Windows + KConnect to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + XOpen Start button context menu
Windows + GOpens the Windows 10 Game Bar to take game screenshots and record gaming videos of Windows 10 games (works in any game app, e.g. Microsoft Solitaire Collection)
Windows + DShow Windows desktop
Windows + EOpen Windows Explorer
Windows + LLock your Windows 10 device
Windows + SpaceSwitch keyboard input language (if you have added at least a second one)
Windows + Shift + [Left][Right]Move current Window from one monitor to another (when using a multiple monitor setup)
Windows + [1][2][3][…]Open programs that are pinned to task bar

E.g. if first pinned program on your task bar is Windows Explorer (from left to right), the shortcut Windows + 1 opens Windows Explorer for you.

Windows + RRun a command
Windows + PProject a screen
Alt + TabSwitch to previous window
Alt + SpaceRestore, move, size, minimize, maximize or close current window. Also works like a charm for Windows 10 modern apps.
Alt + F4a) Close current window

b) If you’re on your Windows 10 desktop, open Power dialogue to shut down or restart Windows, put your device in sleep mode, sign out or switch the current user


Source: Microsoft 

Featured Image: Microsoft 


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