WD Hard Drive making beep sound? See possible solutions

WD USB Hard Drive

Well, we all store lot of stuff in our external USB hard drive and if something weird things starts to happen with the drive, it can give us sleepless nights.

If your WD hard drive is giving a beep sound, then there can probably be two reasons for that:

  1. The USB Hard Drive is starving for power. Which means hard drive is not getting proper supply from the USB port.
  2. Secondly, there could be problem with the head but this very rare that hard disks make beep noises in this case.
Hard Drive beep sound
WD USB Hard Drive

Possible solution for first case is check the other USB ports in the computer. If you are using a desktop computer then try the USB ports at the back of the CPU.  If even this doesn’t work, then try another computer.

Possible solution for second case is to visit a nearby WD service center as you cannot repair the head by yourself and you will waste lot of time fiddling with it and no result.

We hope that your problem is with the power of the USB port.



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