What You Should Do On Valentine’s Day According To Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the theme of red is almost everywhere. Flowers, chocolates, cards, gifts…all being picked out and big plans being made for the big day to impress all baes out there.

Are you nervous of how your day will turn out to be? Do you know how you will be spending your Valentine’s day? Well, the stars can help you find that out, because hey, taking a little help from them is harmless. Right?

Here’s what you should do on Valentine’s Day, according to those wonderful stars of yours.

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  1. Aquarius: Go to Valentine’s Day bash

Well, it is your birthday month and you are in the mood to fire things up. Take your bae to Valentine’s Day bash and dance away!

  1. Pisces: Get your artistic side out

Do something creative with your gifts to your bae this time. That should be easy for you, since creativity is your second name.  Get into that innovative zone and trust me, your bae’s gonna love their thoughtful gifts.

  1. Aries: Don’t focus so much on the details

Okay, don’t overthink this day too much and stress yourself out, okay? Plan it well, but calmly and let things flow. Don’t be a control freak about it. It will turn out well. Just take it easy.

  1. Taurus: Do something that will light you up

Go ahead and do something fun and crazy, something you love to do. Let your happiness take over this day for you and you’re gonna remember it for a long time.

  1. Gemini: Get rid of all that stress you’ve been feeling

Do something that relaxes you because you are not in the best of moods this day. Go to a spa or draw yourself a nice fancy bath with your bae and release all the stress. It will feel soothing, especially with your bae by your side.

  1. Cancer: Do something lowkey

Well, doing something lowkey with your bae would be a perfect idea to spend Valentine’s day for you. You could laze around and have a movie date indoors. Just feeling cozy and warm with your bae. Ain’t the perfect feeling?

  1. Leo: Meet up with your friends

Well, you should spend some time with your friends since you’re missing them so much. Make romantic plans with your bae, but also make sure to meet up with your friends and have some fun with them too.

  1. Virgo: Get together with your work colleagues

Well, it seems you might be stuck at work (yes, it sucks to be working late even on Valentine’s Day) but you could make the best of it. Celebrate the day with your work colleagues. Throw a party in the office and maybe sneak in your bae too for a while. How does that sound?

  1. Libra: Do something you have never done before

You definitely need to satisfy the craving of adventure you have. Get out there with your bae and do something wild. Something you have never done before, and which will give you an amazing high.

  1. Scorpio: Get some rest

You may be feeling like you want to have some ‘me time’ this Valentine’s Day and that is alright. You can stay home and do something that helps you be the best version of yourself.

  1. Sagittarius: Go do something celebratory

Make this Valentine’s a great day for you and your bae. Go big with your plans and sweep your bae off your feet with all the celebrations you plan.

  1. Capricorn: Do what you have to do

Need I remind you that you need to do your due diligence before you decide to go out and party? You know it.

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