The Typical 5 Characters You Will Always Find At The Workplace

I have always wondered how it is possible that every workplace has specific character types. It just doesn’t make sense.

But it is true! If you were to look at the different types of characters that meet at your workplace (you could be anywhere in the world, any sector of work), you will able to identify them with these characters FOR SURE! You obviously know who’s who, but as you read along, picture those colleagues that fit the category the best and guaranteed you will have a good laugh. There is no way office that even one of them doesn’t exist in your workplace.

The Typical 5 Characters You Will Always Find At The Workplace

Maybe that’s just how workplaces are designed to be. I don’t know.

  1. The gossiper

Yes, that one person who just loves all of the drama and madness and just cant wait to share it with you. It is almost as if they would explode if they don’t talk to you, or anyone for that matter, about what they hear. This person absolutely loves to be in the limelight of everything and everyone and cannot stand it if the attention wavers from them even for a second. You always need to be careful about ow you behave around them and what you talk to them about! Remember, their eyes and eyes are always on the hunt.

  1. The mom

Haha, we all need the office mom, don’t we? The one who is always taking care of us like children and being overprotective. Who does not treat us like equals but like kids. Sometimes they do really sweet stuff and help with the whole being away from home situation but sometimes you would just wish they treated you as a colleague. On the bright side, you will never be hungry and always be taken care of, in a very motherly way.

  1. The suck up

That annoying person who has all the answers to all the questions. Ugh. Annoying. It is so difficult to stand the suck up who just won’t stop acting over smart, thinking everyone else is dumb. They just keep running to the boss for every little thing and make everyone else’s life miserable. Thinking of the suck up? Yeah, tell me about it.

  1. The dud

This person is just hanging around in the office, like all the time. Do they even do any actual work? It’s hard to tell. They are really fun to spend time with and bring that extra laughter to the team, but do they have any productive efforts to give to the workplace? No, right? God knows why they exist in the office.

  1. The boss, not so pleasant

If you have a great boss who supports and respects you and your growth in the workplace, you are richly blessed. But if your boss is from hell, oh man you are doomed. They just make your life so unhappy that you feel like the whole world is ganging up against you and your boss is the leader of it all. Ever feel like walking up to your boss, say “I quit”, bash him/her up and leave the office in style? Okay, let’s not go that far.

Now for the difficult question – which one of these are you?

The Typical 5 Characters You Will Always Find At The Workplace 1

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