5 Ways To Turn Your Awkward Date Into One Of The Bests

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Even though first dates are usually super exciting and the origin of butterflies in the stomach, they can sometimes also be very intimidating, especially with the thoughts of them becoming awkward and then escalating to the level of them turning into complete disasters. Now, who wants that? Nervousness leading to awkwardness leading to tension leading to failure. Awkwardness is a super big turn off and it can seep through any feelings of attraction or affection, making the date utterly useless and a waste of time.

5 Ways To Turn Your Awkward Date Into One Of The Bests
Photo by Huy Phan

So how do you make sure that even if awkwardness arises you still have hope to turn the date around and make it to a second one?

Here are some notes for you to take down. You’re welcome!

  1. Take a breath

If your date is not going as you planned, you may start to get anxious and maybe do something stupid. Just take a moment to relax and breathe. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to give your best performance. Silence is also okay; it is not necessarily a bad thing. It helps you absorb what’s going on and respond accordingly. Relax.

  1. Observe the environment

Sometimes, you may not know what to talk about because of the sick feeling in your stomach. In moments like this, just observe your environment and find something to talk about from that. You could easily start an interesting conversation depending on what place you are meeting your date – a restaurant or cafe (maybe something about the food or some interesting fact you’ve heard about the place), the beach (a fun fact about the ocean or a memory attached to the back)…you know, something of the sort.

  1. Don’t force yourself to stay in one place

If you feel like the venue you decided together was not such a great idea after all and it is majorly contributing to the awkwardness, then don’t feel the pressure to stay there. Try to mix things up a little. Be spontaneous and maybe go to a different place – take a walk, go a different restaurant or café, etc. The spontaneity could help spark some adventure into your date and could take you on a completely different, interesting path that you would not have seen coming if you would not have been brave enough to do that.

  1. Do something randomly silly

When feeling awkward, a randomly silly gesture can help you get out of it! It does work and makes the whole tense environment casual, making it comfortable for the two of you to then move forward with your date. Who knows, it could turn into a memory that you both would laugh about in the future!

  1. Change of perspective

Mostly, going on a first date means that we need to impress our date and make sure they like us. That’s the wrong approach. It is very important to go on first dates with the perspective of getting to know your date, and not of impressing them. If this perspective is understood and executed in behaviour, there is no room for awkwardness in the date! It would probably be the best date and you will definitely plan a second one at the end of it.


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