3 Tips That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Gym

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Everybody recommends going to the gym and staying fit. Sure, working out is a very good thing for our bodies and minds, but not so much for our crazy schedules and lazy moods that just hate hitting the gym early in the morning or after a super long day. Right?

It is just too annoying to even think about going to the gym sometimes.

3 Tips That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Gym
Photo by Daniel Apodaca

We humans want shortcuts for everything, right? The concept of ‘hard work brings success’ is vanishing into thin air ever since technology came into our lives. We want to be toned, fit and healthy but don’t want to work for it, and remain conscious about our bodies.

Well, if you are really keen on getting that complete transformation, here are some tips that will help you overcome your laziness, your crazy schedules, your intimidation when you’re around people who you know will judge you because of your body, and to wear some badass determination and motivation to the gym every day!

  1. Plan it and execute it

Create a space in your daily schedule where you feel you would like to go to the gym and it is the most feasible. Choose the type of workouts you need for your body type (there are a lot of workout videos on the internet that you could check out) or better yet, get a trainer at the gym who will help you through. When you know what you are doing at the gym, it gives you a sense of confidence over your workout and the place. People who go to the gym and do not know what they are doing end up hating the place.

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  1. No music no gym! Create a motivational playlist to keep you going

Music can always be such an influencer. Get those songs onto your playlist that make you feel awesome and confident, cheerful and lively, happy and motivated when you hit the gym. You can create separate playlists for each day when you have different types of workout routines. The good vibes and groovy music is sure to get you into your workout mode and you will find that you love going to the gym! Simple, ain’t it?

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Photo by Daniel Apodaca
  1. Picture yourself as your fitness role model

All of us have people we look up to when it comes to sexy figures, bodybuilding and fitness. We have social media to thank! We look at these celebrities with amazing bodies and confidence and can’t help imagining us in their place. Well, use it to your boost your motivation to be like them! Embracing the confidence and hard work they radiate, you can change your mindset about not wanting to go to the gym and work double to look as good as them, maybe even better! You will see inspiration sparkling from within you and in no time, you will find yourself with a transformed attitude and focused lifestyle. And that’s all it takes, my friend.

So, what are you waiting for?

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