When Should You Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes? Here’s Some Help.

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When is it the perfect time to get rid of old clothes? Most of us find it hard to let go of our old clothes because of a variety of reasons – they have sentimental value, you spent too much on them to throw them out, they were gifted to you, and so on. But think about it, you cannot keep storing clothes in your closet that you don’t even wear anymore. It does not make sense. And besides, how will you fit your new clothes into your closet if you don’t clear it out of the old junk you’re holding on to?

It can be hard to let go of old clothes, but it is also important to give them away. If you feel badly about throwing them out, you could always donate them and contribute to a bigger cause!

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If you’re struggling to decide whether to throw out/donate your old clothes and if it is time or not..then here are a few pointers for you!

  1. They have worn out

The clothes that have given up on you in terms of fabric and you just can’t wear them anymore, you need to give up on them too. Keeping them is only a waste of space.

  1. You don’t wear them anymore (at least not in the last one year)

Pick up your old clothes and ask yourself if you’ve worn them in the recent past, or even in the past one year. If you haven’t, then well, you gotta toss them out of your closet. You are definitely not going to wear them anymore.

  1. You don’t like wearing them anymore

Some clothes, you buy them, wear them a few times and then just don’t feel like wearing them anymore. The love for them is gone. Maybe you bought them as an impulse and now its worn off of you. Toss them out.

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  1. They have become uncomfortable

Now, these clothes have become uncomfortable over time because hello, you’ve grown! Or you actually bought something that was uncomfortable to wear but you bought it anyway because it looked so fashionable. Well, wrong choice.

  1. They are not trendy anymore

Now we all know that fashion trends change like seasons. You don’t wear your old clothes anymore because they don’t fit into the current fashion trends and you want to buy clothes that are trending. Well, no one’s blaming you to be up to date with fashion, but hey, clear out the old stock if you’re not going to wear them.

  1. They still have tags on them

Sometimes, you buy clothes and then you just never wear them! Yeah, it’s crazy. You buy them because you see something amazing in them but then you just never go around wearing them and they still got tags! A super huge sign that you need to let them go.

  1. They are in your closet only because of sentimental value

Some clothing only exists in your home because of the sentimental value they carry. Some are okay to keep (the ones that are really close to your heart), but some of them are only hogging space in your closet – like the t-shirt your ex gave you or a bridesmaid dress, etc. You definitely won’t wear them again and if you really think about it, they don’t mean so much to you anymore. So why keep them?

C’mon, time to get those old clothes out of your closet.

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