Things to avoid keeping inside your fridge


After you come back from your grocery store, do you open your fridge and stash everything inside it. Do you knw that you should avoid keeping inside fridge few things.

Well, the bad news is not everything that is in your grocery bag should go inside your fridge.

Good news is we are here to tell you what not to put inside your fridge.

Things to avoid keeping inside your fridge

There are some things that lose their flavour when kept inside the fridge and can also lead to losing their freshness. And you must have been thinking all along that keeping things in the fridge is meant to keep them fresh longer, right? I am sure after going through this article, you will run to your fridge and take out some if not all of the stuff that is mentioned here. Don’t be embarrassed because even I did the same.

1. Bread

bread avoid keeping inside fridge

If you think that keeping bread in the fridge will make it last longer, then you’re wrong. Keeping bread in the fridge will cause it to dry out which will lead to a shorter shelf life. It lasts longer if you just keep it out in a box or in its own packet on your kitchen counter or in a cupboard.

2. Garlic

Garlic avoid keeping inside fridge

Do not even make the mistake of keeping garlic inside your fridge. Garlic by nature has a very strong smell and keeping garlic inside the fridge will not only cause it to lose its smell but it will also lead to the smell of the garlic spreading to other food stuff in your fridge. Now that is something you don’t want happening, right?

3. Potato

avoid keeping inside fridge Potato

Potatoes contain starch and if you keep potatoes inside the fridge, the starch will turn into sugar which will lead to an odd flavour in your potatoes.

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