Top 5 Technologies in very near future that will change our world

This list contains the technologies which are already in their implementation or at-least prototype stage and may be made available very soon by the respective awesome companies.

This spot goes to Hyperloop, the technology that will help us to travel faster than ever and brought to by Elon Musk.  Hyperloop is pressurized capsules ride on an air cushion. Here is a video to understand this technology better:


4.  HoloLens from Microsoft. Its like all of us can work like Iron Man :). HoloLens is technology which will enable the virtual elements in our real wold, as a shared environment. Its makes virtual application turned into augmented reality applications which can be control through gaze, voice and hand gestures. Another step towards virtual reality. Check this one out!



3. Self Driven Cars , whether it be from Google, Tesla, Apple, General Motor or some other company but its coming your ways. Self driven car is touted as the next big thing in automotive industry. I just wonder that chauffeurs would be out of jobs?


2. Google’s Loon Project or Facebook’s Drones Aquila Project, both technologies are for the same purpose that is for providing internet in the remote parts of the world where cable system cannot be implemented.  It very important to provide internet access to very corner of the earth because most of the new technologies breathes on the Internet. The more connectivity the more faster things move.


1.  Space Tourism, the technology i.e. reusable rockets are becoming finer each day with the help of companies mainly like SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. When it starts, obviously rich people will be able afford it and enjoy the view but may become cheaper as time pass and all of us can travel to space.



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