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Moonshot to Alpha Centauri

Everything these days is becoming nano and fast. Its not the old way that big is better.

Billionaire Yuri Milner from Russia and Stephen Hawking has team up for project, called Breakthrough Starshot. The project will send mini spacecrafts to the nearest star system “Alpha Centauri”. The Board of this project will include CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

So what so special about this mini spacecraft, well it will be size of a mobile phone. Sounds crazy but that’s the plan.

How far is Alpha Centauri ? its 4.37 light-years away.

How long its will take this mini spaceships to reach there? 20 years of preparation and another 20 years to reach there.


Yuri Milner announced that he will invest 100 million for this project.


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