Try These 5 Teas to Get Rid of Your Cough

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Got a cough? Super annoying, right? For someone who’s always struggling with cough and cold every slight change in weather, I definitely know how irritating it is. That scratchy feeling just never seems to go away and everything feels just blah. This is when I turn to my mum’s amazing tea that really helps soothe the throat and even start clearing it up! Home remedies are the best when it comes to sore throats and bad colds.

Teas have proven to really help a sore throat and provide relief from cough. There are various benefits tea that directly comfort the bad throat and give you a reason to not feel so blah.

Here are some really great teas that are known to help you get better from that horrible cough!

  1. Honey lemon tea

This is the classic. Honey lemon tea is probably the first thing that pops to mind when you have a cough or a sore throat. It helps clear your throat of that scratchy or itchy feeling and soothes it. Even when you have a nasty cold, a nice cup of hot honey lemon tea can be a saver!

  1. Ginger tea

Ginger is really good when it comes to health issues like inflammation, asthma, nausea. And that’s why ginger tea gives your throat some relief with the first sip itself. It relaxes the airway muscles and takes the irritation right out.

Try These 5 Teas to Get Rid of Your Cough 1

  1. Liquorice root tea

This tea goes way back to the traditional times and proven its effectiveness through time. People use liquorice for cough, digestion issues and even infections. It helps kill harmful bacteria and viruses, also having anti-inflammatory properties. There you have it! Make a nice cup of liquorice root tea and cough your cough goodbye!

  1. Peppermint tea

Mint is definitely good for your throat! Again, this leaf has so many medicinal properties and has been used traditionally to help cure various ailments. This also includes soothing of the throat from cough and cold, headaches. Research shows that peppermint has pain relieving properties and also anti-inflammatory which help clear your airways and treat that bad cough.

  1. Green tea

We generally associate green tea with weight loss and for improving attention. A lot of people consume green tea as part as their diet plans. But green tea also has properties that help ease a cough. Try it next time you have a cough (I hope you don’t).

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