You would not believe that these occupation exist in the world

Samantha Hess, left, Professional Cuddler. (Carla Axtman)

Unemployment is a genuine concern these days, yet some people have figured out how to bring home the bacon by doing some totally improbable occupations. Here are some of the most surprising and generously compensated   occupations!

1. Chick Sexer    Don’t let the title deceive you. It just means a professional who is trained in the method of distinguishing the sex of chicken and other hatchlings. It pays $60,000 annually.

Chick Sexer
Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images
2.  Bridesmaids on rent  Hire yourself out as a bridesmaid and get paid $300-$2000 per wedding. Pretty lucrative, huh?

Bridesmaids on rent
Courtesy of Jen Glantz
 3. Professional Cuddler  Like to cuddle? Well then this current one’s for you at $50 every hour.
Professional Cuddler


4. Standing in the queue on behalf of someone else  Will need a lot of stamina for this one but it could be worth it. It pays $25 per hour.


5. Professional mourner  Act as a mourner in some person’s funeral and get paid $75 an hour.

Professional mourner
6. Iceberg Hunters  These modern day cowboys lop off pieces of glaciers to be crushed into luxury water. The paying rate is $15 per bottle of water.

iceberg hunters

7. Gummologist   A tester for chewing gums. Believe it or not, it pays between $5500 to $8000 per month.



8. Crime Scene Cleaner   Specialasing in cleaning up scenes where a brutal crime occurred like murder, suicides, accidents etc., this job pays $500 to $20,000 per crime scene.

Crime Scene Cleaner


All things considered, what are you sitting tight for? Go get one of these jobs!!


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