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Sky pool 40 floor high in Houston, Not for the faint-hearted

This Sky Pool is made of 8 inch thick plexiglass giving you a clear view as vivid as ground level. We can say that this not for the faint-hearted.

If you are bitten by adventure and like to live your life on the edge. A luxury residential building in Houston is waiting for you. The pool gives you the view that you are literally standing in the air. The swimming pool start from the building and is extended 10 feet from the edge of the building.

A video was posted on Instagram and the description might not be giving you the nausea feeling but have a look at video, you will surely understand its not for people having Acrophobia. People who just don’t want to even try this, there is usual kind of pool at fourth floor of this luxury building.

This is awesome concept of sky


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