A Louis Vuitton Toilet Only For $100,000!


Credit: Tradesy

Are you a millionaire thinking of upgrading your toilet? Tired of the normal usual boring toilets and colours?

Then maybe you ought to consider the Louis Vuitton design for your new toilet.

A special toilet made with Louis Vuitton bags worth $15,000/- dollars by artist Illma Gore is the talk of the town. This extra ordinary fully functional toilet took three months to be completed using 24 Louis Vuitton bags and has the traditional Louis Vuitton colours-brown and gold with the trademark Louis Vuitton monogram.

Louis Vuitton Toilet
Credit: Tradesy

This fully functional toilet was showcased on resale site and showroom Tradesy and it costs “only $100,000.”  So, people, if you have pots of money lying somewhere and wondering where to spend it, go for the Loouis Vuitton Toilet.


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