Signs that you are over stressed but didn’t know

Today we live in a world that is so fast paced that sometimes, we end up being at the wrong end of this fast paced life. Modernisation has led to such a fast paced life that there is no time to stop and smell the flowers. You go to work-at work you have targets to achieve, meetings (sometimes unnecessary meetings) with your boss, minor confrontations with colleagues etc. At the end of your shift, you just want to go home and plonk yourself on that couch at home but on your way home, there is this massive traffic jam or if you take the subway, the subway stops in the middle of nowhere due to some technical issues. You finally reach home and you have unexpected visitors whom you may or may not like, so there goes your dream to plonk yourself in the couch.

All the above situations are like ticking time bombs inside your head. They are the reasons for that thing called “STRESS” which is driving you nuts and doing all sorts of stuff with your immune system that you probably hadn’t realised. Read this article to know more about what stress is doing to your health:

stress signs headache

1. Headaches

It is said that stressful situations are the most likely cause of headaches. Tension headaches-one of the most prevalent types of headaches-is caused when you are in an over stressful situation. It can cause pain of all levels on your head, neck, forehead and eyes. These can be temporarily cured with the help of medication but for a permanent cure, you need to identify what is stressing you out.

stress signs stomach pain and digestive problem

2. Digestive issues

In times of stress, the brain is flooded with hormones which create havoc on your digestive system. Experts say that there is a strong connection between the brain and the digestive system, which is why stress can cause many digestive issues. People who are constantly in stressful situations develop problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you run too the bathroom too often or not at all, then you may need to take a moment and analyse if there is something that is causing you too much stress.

stress signs constant cold

3. Constant colds and infections

Heart rate and blood pressure increases and the circulatory system is affected when you are extremely stressed. Because of this, the immune system is smothered, which makes it more likely for your body to catch colds and infections. The weakening of the immune system signifies that it will find it impossible to neutralise any bacteria that can cause illness.


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