3 Reasons why working overtime is bad for your health

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Is overtime really a mark of hard work? I don’t think so. But it is almost always associated with hard work and that is really sad. It is encouraged in most workplaces as something that shows passion and commitment. Really? You call killing efficiency and focus as commitment?

Apart from efficiency, overtime messes up with one’s health as well. It adds to poor health, especially mental health. Overtime slowly kills your social and personal space with nothing more than health issues and a sad life. You are not able to enjoy free time and are constantly caught up with work, which is definitely not a healthy practice. Work is not the only thing in life that needs to be taken seriously. There are many aspects of life which are as important, some even more important than work.

There are so many reasons why overtime is not at all a good idea. It may look like extensive hard work and efforts, but that is not even close to what it is. And here’s why –

  1. Overtime is bad for mental health

Working late can be very harmful for one’s heath. It takes a toll not only on your physical health but even more on your mental health. Tiredness, increased stress levels, anxiety issues, fatigue, etc. can be serious problems that affect your body, and in turn ruin your productivity, which is the next reason why overtime is a very bad idea.

  1. Productivity is lost

There are various reports and studies that show that when you work overtime, you actually worsen your productivity rate. You may think that working overtime helps you get better at your work, but sadly that’s not what statistics say. Working late – after hours, starts to drain you physically and mentally, making you feel tired, stressed and without energy. And thus, your productivity goes for a toss. 8 hours at the workplace is what is recommended, and for good reason.

  1. Personal time is vanished

As working professionals, it is important to have a work-life balance in place. Overtime does not help at all with the balance. One needs to be able to separate work and personal life in order to practice sanity. Having hobbies is a really great way of channeling some personal time into sharpening talents and learning new skills. Time with family and friends is also a very essential part of this work-life balance and should be respected.

3 Reasons why working overtime is bad for your health 1
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