Meet the real life Rapunzel from Latvia

Aliia Nasyrovais 27 years old and hails from Riga, Latvia. She has been growing her hair out for the past 20 years and her brown locks are so long that she’s been nicknamed the “Real Life Rapunzel.”

Today, her amazing mane measures 90 inches to the floor which is seven feet and 4.5 pounds of hair.

real life Rapunzel


She has become a social media star and is very popular on Instagram. She says that she washes her hair once a week and it takes one whole day to dry!

Because it is too long to wear it untied, Aliia wears her hair in a giant braided bun. Her hair not only affects her day-to-day schedule, it also has a big impact on her very loving husband Ivan. They actually have to plan their days and nights around her hair regimen.

Aliia Nasyrovais is no doubt is today’s real life Rapunzel.

In the video below, taken at a mall, Aliia unravels her long locks while shopping. Also, in the same video, watch what her patient husband has to say about his wife’s long hair when pressed.

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