Discover the 5 Period Myths That Are False – Don’t Believe Them!

Apparently, there are quite a few myths about periods that has taken up so much of our brains that we think they are actually true. While educating ourselves about Menstrual cycle or Periods (yes, even the male gender) is very important as a society and community, it is also important to be able to tell the difference between facts and myths that have been believed to be true over generations.

Embracing myths as truths are usually the default response, and that is why we have experts who tell us otherwise!

We all need to be well aware of how our body works, periods in particular, as it is a very big aspect of feminine health.

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Here are a few menstrual cycle myths that experts have broken to help women health  –

#1: Swimming or being in the water stops your period

This is not really true. Your period does not stop, it just does not enter into the water because of the counter pressure that waters exert on your body. Also, if you are swimming or floating, due to lack of gravity it may seem like your period has stopped.

#2: You cannot get pregnant while you are on your period

It is quite possible that you get pregnant if you have sex during your period. If you have a shorter or a lighter menstrual cycle than the regular kind, it is possible that you ovulate early than what you would expect, which can lead to pregnancy.

#3: It is normal to have crazy cramps during your period

No, it is not normal if your cramps are causing blinding pain in your abdomen or any part of your body for that matter. If this is the case, don’t sit back because you “heard” that it will hurt real bad, but pay a visit to your gynecologist. It can be a health issue that you should immediately address.

#4: Having sex shortens your period

Again, this is false. A lot of people think that if they have sex while they are on their period, it will shorten the duration of it because then the uterus pushes the blood out faster. But, no. Sex has no effect on the duration of your period, nor the flow.

#5: You should not exercise during your period

There is no need at all for you to sit and sulk until your period is done so that you can hit the gym again. Actually, it is good for you to exercise through your period because then it helps regulate the flow of oxygen in your body and that reduces the levels of prostaglandins (the reason behind the pain during periods). Thus, exercising help you deal with the pain! Even so, periods can make you feel tired and weak, so don’t push yourself too hard to exercise. Do it only when you feel strong enough for it.

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