Try these things with your pasta or noodle leftover water

Life Hacks – Pasta Water Use

Most of us just throw away the leftover pasta water but it would be great if you can use that too. While making pasta or noodles, you first boil the water with pasta or noodle and afterwards you throw away that water in the drain. Even though water is very precious but since the water in which the noodle or pasta is boiled, is filled with starch, you can’t help but throw it away.

But if you know that how useful this left over water is, and the many ways you can use it in daily life, you will realise how great it is.

Let’s see how interestingly you can use leftover pasta water:


To steam your food. If you like to eat steamed vegetables, then why not try using this starchy water in your steamer and see the magic.

leftover pasta water use

How about using this starchy water in the garden? Some researcher figured it out that this leftover water has good minerals which help the plants to grow faster.

leftover pasta water use put in plants

Having aching feet? Try soaking your feet in this warm pasta water, the starch and mineral will give you a healing touch.

leftover pasta water use feet

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