6 Best Non-Perishable Healthy Foods For Emergencies

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What do you do for food when there is an emergency or a sudden plan that’s made and you need to rush out of your home in 10 minutes?

Hello, non-perishable foods!

Non-perishable foods, as the name suggests, have a long shelf life, and do not get spoilt without refrigeration either. They make for amazing snacks that you can munch on whenever you want (actually that can be a drawback too) and also essential food for sudden situations or crises that are unavoidable, so you don’t have to worry.

Although there are non-perishable foods that can be unhealthy for you like junk food, there are also many healthy non-perishable foods that you can store at home and be prepared for any emergency or a sudden adventure plan of a road trip, camping, trekking, etc.

Here are some of the healthiest, most commonly used and advised non-perishable foods to keep –

  1. Dried fruits and veggies

Always having dried fruits and veggies in your kitchen is a good idea. Dried fruits and vegetables like cashews, berries, raisins, apricots, carrots, etc are great and are of high nutritional value too!

Dried fruits
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels


  1. Peanut butter

Peanut butter or jars of other nut butter are not just the yummiest on a sandwich, but also a particularly good source of proteins, vitamins, and healthy fat. Having a jar of peanut butter at home always is never a bad thing.

6 Best Non-Perishable Healthy Foods For Emergencies 1


  1. Canned poultry

Canned poultry can go a long way. You can store them up to years even and they are very high in protein. They are also widely available in the markets for reasonable prices so you can store good amounts of this non-perishable food. Be sure to check the shelf life of each can though!

canned food chicken
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  1. Jerky

For all the meat lovers out there, this is a must item in your kitchen for uncertain times. There are various types of jerky available like beef, chicken, buff, etc. and with high protein. Too much of jerky is not a healthy choice, but storage with controlled intake is advisable.

Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay


  1. Pasta

Pasta is great for storing and has a great shelf life. As long as you have the ability to boil water that you can cook the pasta in, it is a great option to have for a meal. With the many different varieties of pasta in shapes, sizes, and even nutritional levels, you can choose your favorites and enjoy them whenever you want!

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  1. Protein bars

Protein bars are always a go-to. They are perfect for when you don’t really have time to eat and grab a bar for the road or to pack some when you’re going on a hike. Most of these protein bars have a shelf life of up to one year and with contents like oats, nuts, dried fruits, etc. they are very nutritious and filling.

protein bars eating
Photo by Perfect Snacks (Unsplash)


Store some of these lifesavers at home and you’re ever ready for emergencies!

Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor before taking any action or changing diet. Every person has a different body type and expert opinion is always recommended.

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