Fold Your Napkins Into Christmas Trees This Holiday And Impress Your Guests

Christmas is here and if you’re planning on hosting a Christmas dinner party for your family and friends this year, you definitely want your table to look the best to impress them. Yes, food and wine will do it, but taking care of those tiny details are sure to add charm to the party. And what better way to do that than folding your napkins like Christmas trees!

It doesn’t matter if you use paper or cloth napkins, it is very easy to make Christmas tree napkins. And the best part is that you don’t have to be any kind of expert for this!

Here are 5 simple steps adding perfection to your dinner table. Learn them today and let your guests be blown away with this little DIY project of yours!

  1. Fold your napkin into a square

Fold the napkin into half so that it is shaped like a rectangle. Now fold it again to make the napkin look like a square.

  1. More folding

Place the napkin in such a way that the open corners are facing the bottom. Fold one corner on top of the napkin, over the other side, just enough for the tip to stay put right below the other side. Now, fold the other corner also in the same way. Do the same for the other two corners as well. So now you have taken the loose ends and folded them up.

  1. Turn the napkin

Making sure that the folds do not get disturbed, slowly turn the napkin over. Now the side without any folds is facing upwards. The napkin has five sides.

  1. Make a kite

Now fold the left side of the napkin horizontally to allow the left tip to meet the right side. Then fold the napkin on the right so that it meets the left tip. Now your napkin should look like a kite, with four sides to it. Now turn your napkin back to the same side on which you started your folding on.

  1. Tuck it in

Your napkin looks like it has five layers, with a corner pointing towards the bottom at every layer. Fold the top corner to face it away from you. Do the same for the second corner and tuck it into the first layer. Do this for all the other layers too. Nothing should be sticking up/out as every layer must be tucked into the layer above it. Now pick up your napkin and place it in an upright position.

There! In 5 easy steps, you have made your Christmas tree napkins! They seem a little confusing with all the folding, but once you start the process, you’ll make your way till the end quite easily. Here’s a video to add some more clarity to the steps and make the DIY project simpler –

You can even decorate your Christmas tree napkin with beads, mini ornaments, a twinkling little star on top of it. Also, you could buy napkins with colours and designs associated with Christmas to make them look more fun.


Pretty neat, right? Well, you’re welcome. And happy holidays!


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