Alien eggs mystery in Utah explained!!

Ice has many forms and scientists have an explanation for many things that are frozen. One of the phenomena is that due to methane emission and warm water beneath the surface, icy circles are created which gives a very alien kind of look.

Anyways, two boys were astonished to discover a strange and mysterious mass in a frozen lake in Utah.The icy mass was circular in shape surrounded by small holes shining from the centre. The two boys decided to make a video of the mysterious mass and poking it with their fingers, they note that the object has a slimy texture. They are so puzzled by this phenomena that they thought it could be “alien eggs.”

This video was originally taken in 2013 and rose to fame in 2015 and gathered 1.7 million views. During that time, many many speculations arose about the nature of the alien eggs including which planet the eggs could be from to what species of aliens would hatch from the eggs. Some normal suggestions were that it could be just coffee splashed on the ground which became frozen and merged with the ground.

But now the real explanation has finally surfaced and it has been revealed to the world that it was unfortunately not alien eggs but an art project by Brigham Young student, Carl Lewis who explained:

The assignment was to use “body residue” and repetition. The shapes are made from the print of the inside of my closed fist if that makes sense. I used a flour+salt+water dough, and then baked the shapes, then Laura Varella and I set it up in this geometric pattern on the lake.

They then erased their footprints with snow shovels and left. When they returned the next days, they found hundreds of footprints and fast forward two years, dozens of websites featuring the video speculating about the “alien eggs.”


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