These mysterious underwater discoveries will leave you shocked

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Water is main source of life on any planet and why not, it hold many secret also. Till date most of parts our oceans are still to be explored.

Discoveries are made on day to day basis, some of them are very shocking and mysterious. The life underwater is very different from what is found above the surface. When divers go down deep in the water there are sometime surprises which are quite shocking.

Let find out the shocking discoveries which were made underwater

1. Steam engine under water (Locomotive): Well we are are not sure this 1800’s steam engine can work underwater but how did it get there ? This big things lies here biting the rust.

mysterious underwater discoveries locomotives

2. Underwater City of Shi Cheng: This city in China was man-mad was was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25–200) but now it lies submerged in the Qiandao Lake . Atlantis has always been the unsolved mystery but till then we can satisfy ourselves with this one.

mysterious underwater discoveries lost city mysterious underwater discoveries lost city chine mysterious underwater discoveries lost city underwater china

3. Meeting held underwater: You might of heard of people getting married underwater but how about Government meeting held under water. President of Maldives held world’s first underwater cabinet meeting on 17 October 2009 to discuss the issues of climate change and how it is affecting the oceans.

underwater Maldives president cabinet meeting
AFP PHOTO/ Mohamed Seeneen

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