The Kind Of Music You Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

Music is everywhere. You cannot get rid of it – be it on the radio as you drive up to work, or on the television, your companion while doing your daily chores, etc. Music is an integral part of our daily lives.

According to your stars, your Zodiac sign influences the kind of music you love and have an emotional attachment to. Here’s what they think your favourite kind of music is –

  1. Aquarius: EDM

Music is something you need all the time. Being the independent and free soul that you are, you love experimental music, electronic dance music and progressive music the most. You like the originality of new music genres, it inspires you. That’s the reason you don’t like the old classic genres like country, rock, pop, etc.

  1. Pisces: Indie Pop Music

You love music from different cultures in the world, especially Indie Pop. Since you are known to be very gentle and sensitive, you love jazz and medieval music too. Dancing to music is your thing, and any classic song will get your moves on the floor.

  1. Aries: Rock

There is no other music you love more than rock. Your bold, energetic and charming personality is the perfect fit for this genre of music. The headbanging hard rock is just your thing, and you can pull it off like a boss.

  1. Taurus: Reggae

Well, you like all genres of music ranging from hard metal to soulful blues, but you have a soft spot for reggae as it brings out the best in you.

  1. Gemini: Dance Music

Since you are very expressive in general, you like your music the same way. You love all kinds of music as long as you can dance to them! The upbeat funky dance music is your jam and your feet just automatically start dancing to those beats.

  1. Cancer: Blues

Blues perfectly match your sentimental, emotional and romantic personality. You capture the soul in the music and that gives you so much more meaning in life. You also love old classic music because you enjoy reminiscing childhood memories through them.

  1. Leo: Heavy Metal

Being the lion that you are, you love heavy metal music and the crazy headbanging that comes along with it. You would not think twice to get on stage and sing along to a karaoke because let’s admit it, you love the attention! You also like musicals and opera music from time to time.

  1. Virgo: Classical Music

You love classical music because of the calm and kind person that you are. You love listening to the music of nature and your attention to detail makes you fond of the classical beats like that of Beethoven or Mozart. It soothes you.

  1. Libra: R&B Music

The romantic Libra likes romantic music. As simple as that! You glow when you listen to the old romantic songs and the R&B music. You also like progressive and rock music from time to time.

  1. Scorpio: Avant-garde Jazz

For your complex and mysterious self, avant-garde jazz is the best fit. You love listening to music with complexity and a certain amount of curiosity, and avant-garde jazz, electronic music and R&B do that for you.

  1. Sagittarius: World Music

World music appeals to you since you enjoy a lot of travelling to places with different cultures and tastes in music. You keep an open mind to the variety of beats you come across, but among all of them, you are most fond of the Indian and Caribbean classical music.

  1. Capricorn: Jazz

You value different styles of music, but your favourites include jazz, blues and rock and roll music. You like music that has a story to tell, that have deep meanings attached to them. You enjoy driving to some good rock and roll music.


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