Anti Smartphone is here and you can purchase it

We are all consumed with smartphones and addicted too. Few enjoy the new feature every other smartphone brings but there are some who are tired of being addicted to their gadgets and are looking for some alternative.

A startup Light Phone has launched an anti smartphone called “Light” which  has no display and no internet connection option. What it brings is the unique experience of sleekness and phone that is just phone.


The company has quoted on their website,“We are still in beta. We’ve run into a few limitations in our initial user experience goals due to some iOS restrictions. They are not going to effect the experience of being light, but will make turning on call forwarding a little bit more manual. We are experimenting with the various options with our beta users. We will be shipping the phones regardless as to not delay any longer and will continue to provide frequent software updates to early adopters. The first large batch of Light Phones (white) will be shipping out of factory in Yantai, China on November 30th. It will be arriving to all our earliest supporters in December!”


The first batch of the shipment start from this November. The Light Phone is a discreet credit card sized mobile phone designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone is to be used as second phone and work through an App. As the light phone website says “The Light Phone is the only phone that is designed to be used as a second phone.”

Features at a glance

Color: Matte White
Weight: 38.5 grams
Processor: Qualcomm 8208
Display: OLED
Battery: 3 Days Standby
Connector: Micro USB
Language: English
Connection: GSM 850/900 1800/1900 MHz

thelightphones specification




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