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The Laser Hair Treatment Truths No One Tells You About

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If there is one thing that girls know about laser hair treatment is that it is crazy expensive, and we all need to save up if we ever want to say goodbye to body hair for good! Trust me, that was the only IMPORTANT thing that I knew about laser hair treatment. But then I grew up a little and had friends who told me more about this magic treatment that would get rid of hurtful wax sessions and resentment of hair whenever I look at my face or my arms or legs or back or stomach, ugh it’s never-ending. On a side note, why do girls have to go through all this? Seems so unfair, but the peer pressure is real.

The Laser Hair Treatment Truths No One Tells You About 1
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Anyway, so when I discovered more about this treatment, I realized that there is so much more to it and that there are a lot of facts that no one really tells you about.

And since the information is so precious and needed for all the research that we girls do, here goes:

  1. It takes at least six sessions to start seeing some developments

It depends on person to person because not all skin and hair colors/types are similar. However, generally, it takes at least six sessions of the laser treatment to start seeing some progress and changes in the hair growth and the skin.

  1. It does not work on all skin and hair colors

Yep. That’s right. Laser treatment works the best on pale skin with dark and thick hair. Apparently, if you have darker skin it only burns the skin and not the hair. And also, it’s hard for the laser to locate blonde and light brown hair, so that won’t work well either. So much for all the money!

  1. While you are getting your laser treatment, you cannot really shave

It is said that one shouldn’t shave in between sessions of laser treatment because generally, the laser needs to be able to see hair in order to burn them out. This is a little inconvenient but not so bad, as long as you know that you’re getting rid of the hair for good in a short time.

  1. The sessions are super fast

This depends on what body part you are treating, but usually, the sessions take hardly more than five minutes! Armpits, lips, and chin take around two minutes, while the bikini lines take just about three to five minutes.

  1. How you can see the impact of your sessions

You’ll notice through your sessions that the hair growth becomes thin and super flimsy, and the skin starts to get smoother. Also, it takes really long for the hair to grow back. This is the biggest sign that the treatment is working well.

Laser treatment is a great way to get rid of body hair and for those who want lasting results. It can be one of your best investments in life. But it is important to know how it works because each skin and hair type is different and there are different lasers that work the best for each. So go do some more research with these points in mind, and be careful to choose the right treatment plan!


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