See what key ingredients you need to make your own cozy home

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Fall has officially peaked its chilly head around the corners of our neighborhoods, and we can officially kiss the warm summer air goodbye. As we begin to change over our light and airy summer décor for rich colored fall decorations, there’s a loaded question to bringing out your fall decorations. How are you going to go beyond just decorating in order to truly make your home feel cozy with this chilly fall weather? While decorating for summer can be as easy as buying a vase of flowers and putting out your brightest kitchen towels, decorating for fall is much more than just the fall aesthetic of your home. You don’t want guests coming inside from the cold outdoors to a cold and distant living room. You want your living room to welcome them with warm and open arms, enveloping them in a gracious cozy hug. Doing so is a lot more than just updating the décor colors from light blue to red and orange. If you’re looking to make your home cozier this coming fall, here are our top five tips and products in order to do so.

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1. Bigger, thicker throw pillows.

While in the summer you avoid anything with ‘stick-potential’ for fear of getting far too sweaty in the sweltering heat, in the fall, you can look for the opposite. Big, thick throw pillows will give your home the added coziness it needs in the fall to be more welcoming for your guests. If you’re looking to take it a step further, add some texture to the throw pillows covering your couches and furniture. Nothing says cozy more than sweater textured or fuzzy pillows. The bonus to this is while it makes your home cozier, it also will upgrade the overall aesthetic of your interior design as well by adding some depth to your room.


See what key ingredients you need to make your own cozy home 1
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2. A fuzzy blanket, or 5.

Going along the same lines as utilizing bigger and thicker throw pillows throughout your living room and your home, getting a few fuzzy blankets to add to your living room, family room, and guest room can really upgrade how cozy your home is as well. While a lot of the same properties apply as using bigger and thicker throw pillows, fuzzy throw blankets add an upgraded asset as well, as they’re not only for the aesthetic of your home, they’re functional as well! No matter how warm you keep your home, everybody runs on different internal temperatures so keeping a few throw blankets around the house will make guests feel free to use them when they feel they need them. The added benefit is that they look cute and cozy too!

3. An aesthetically pleasing heater.

Well, now you’re really bringing out the big guns. Getting a heater for a certain room, such as your living room or whatever room people are in for a majority of the time in your house can make all the difference (and it can save you money too!). Upping the temperature in the room that people come in from the cold to will make your home seem like a big cozy hug, they honestly might never leave (so we hope you like them!). Just make sure to get a high-quality one for 2 reasons: 1. It’ll look better, you don’t want an eyesore in the middle of your cozy-looking living room and 2. It’ll help to reduce your heating bill! If you can increase the temperature on just the room, you’re in, you can decrease the temperature on the rest of your house, meaning savings in that gas or electric bill!


See what key ingredients you need to make your own cozy home 2
Photo by Alex Qian (Pexels)

4. Warm white lighting.

If you’re not changing the type of lighting in your home with the season, you’re missing out on an easy way to seasonally decorate your home. Buying new lightbulbs is an easy way to change the mood within a room in your home. If you’re looking to go for a cozier feel this coming fall and winter, look into the different types and options for warm white lighting around your home. This simple upgrade can make all the difference and is super easy and budget-friendly too!


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5. Candles!

Okay, maybe this one’s a given, but it’s only a given because it’s everyone’s favorite! You can’t make a cozy living room or home without candles. What the perfect fall candle is to you might not be the same as the perfect fall candle for someone else, but when it comes to coziness and candles, you can’t really go wrong in terms of scent. Just steer clear of anything too flowery or fruity as those typically come off as more summer scents. Some of our favorite fall scents are pumpkin spice, warm vanilla, apple pie, caramel apples, pine, or a mahogany teakwood. Think “Could I bake it or find it in a tree?” and you’re probably on the right track.

6. Upgrade your Rug.

Beautiful flat and minimal rugs are great for the summer, but in the winter, there’s nothing better than sinking your toes into something fluffy when your hardwood floors have a bit of bite to them. In the early mornings, this will make overnight guests feel much cozier and will significantly upgrade your mornings as well. Like the pillows and blankets, this can also add some great texture to your room as well, which really helps upgrade the coziness of the room.

No matter your budget, if you’re looking to upgrade the coziness of your home in addition to your fall décor, there is a way to do it! Finding the right combo that works for you might take some trial and error but these 6 staples will have you well on your way to having the coziest home on the block this fall!


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