5 solid Ways to increase your Instagram Followers

We all use social media on a day to day basis and some platforms you need to have some standing.

Like for Facebook, people want to have more and more friends. For Instagram and Twitter people crave for more and more followers.

Increase Instagram followers

Anyway, in this Article we stick to solid five ways to increase Instagram followers:

1. Rule Number One, try to keep content unique, no matter what you do and what volume you post on Instagram, remember if your content is unique it will shine. Don’t copy from other pages.

2. Use proper Hashtags and Filters, in the start it can be very frustrating to not get follower but hashtags is a good ways to make your content known to others. You can use some popular hashtag like #Instagram #Insta #picoftheday #instafollow #FF.

3. You need to understand how Instagram works, be active on Instagram and like random pictures of other and you will notice that you will also get random likes from other. This is how it work, you like me, i like you.

4. Promote your Instagram page on other social media site, suppose on Facebook or Twitter, you can let people know that you are on Instagram.

5. If you not getting success, you can try paid promotions of Instagram or you can approach (via direct Message) a Influencer (person having lot of followers) to tag or mention you in his post to get some followers. This option is not free but will surely bring to some followers.

Word of Caution: You must be searching Google app store to how to increase the followers or some websites offering free followers, believe me they might work for you but keep in mind these follower are not liking your page, they are just clicking it, like you may be clicking to get followers. So using this option wont give you stable followers.

Lastly Few Words of Wisdom: When you see other pages with  Millions of followers, keep in mind that they are there for quite a time, so you also need to spend some time. Remember, Consistency + Quality > Win Instagram.


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