Your Hogwarts House Can Tell You Why You’re Not Dating

by Gabriela Palai (Pexels)

Relationships have become super complicated now. It is so hard to find yourself a person who will be everything you hope for, or at least for most of the “everything”. Yep, it can be very frustrating. It gets even annoying when you are licking your wounds of not being able to find someone while everyone else around you is, and there’s a question that pops up (mostly from family) – So why aren’t you dating anyone?

That’s it. That’s the precise explosion moment because it’s hard enough to not have someone to be with, it’s sadder when you are being taunted about it! And you don’t even have an answer! Why am I not dating? I DON’T KNOW!

Your Hogwarts house is here to give you an explanation as to why you’re not in a relationship. Check it out to see if it’s true!

  1. Gryffindor

Sure, you are very popular and great with people, and this adds to your charming personality, but you can also be a little egoistic and live in your own head. This can be repelling for people or potential love interests who like you and want to get close to you. If you are able to be humbler and more selfless in your behavior and actions, you have a very good chance of smoothly sliding into a beautiful romance.

  1. Slytherin

You are clever and witty, no doubt, with high ambitions and dreams. This makes you focus only on work and the things that will lead you up the ladder of success. In this process, you forget to pay attention to the potential love interests in your life and when you do that, they slowly fade away from your life instead of getting closer. It makes them feel like they are not an important part of your life and they don’t want to waste time waiting around for someone who appears to not really care about it. So, time to pay attention to your social life and the people around you! Success is good, but the people in your life are more important.

  1. Hufflepuff

You’re the sweet, modest, simple friend that everybody likes and still you not doing well in the relationship game. Strange, right? Maybe not so much. The thing is, you’re way too simple. You don’t let yourself enjoy the joys of doing crazy fun things and putting yourself out there. Since you are too self-satisfied and modest, the people around you don’t get to know you much and you need to change that. Get some fun plans rolling for you and work on your dating game. It’s about time!

  1. Ravenclaw

You’ve got it all – brains, charm, good looks. BUT you can be very judgmental of people and that gets in the ay of you being close to anyone. People don’t feel like they can be vulnerable around you because of your judgmental attitude. You are also very individualistic and because of that you fear being in a relationship will mess with your personal space. You need to get over that fear and also learn to be more understanding and accommodative of those around you.

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