Health Benefits of getting a Massage

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I know what you’re thinking. Who even needs a reason to get a massage?! But well, to endorse the delightful relaxing, soothing, wonderful stress-free experience, and to encourage massages (which is obviously a good thing, right?) here are a few reasons! And guess what, these are reasons that involve mental health. Apart from the unwinding, relaxed muscles, improved blood circulation, releasing tension and better flexibility for the body, massages are great for mental health benefits and help you improve your mental health, along with the physical wonders they do for you! Not only do you get the pleasure of feeling the pain and tension leave your body, but you can also feel peace, and calm enter your body.

See the Health Benefits of getting a Massage. That bliss you yearn for is right here, folks!

  1. Reduces stress

According to research and studies, massage helps increase the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body by around 30%. Dopamine and serotonin are responsible for regulating the mood and muscle movement of the body and play a huge role in the pleasure and reward system of the brain. This increase in the levels help reduce stress by quite a lot and help the mind relax.

  1. Releases anxiety and depression

We know that massages can help with regulating the mood of a person and thus getting the body to state of calm and peace. These massages are also said to have such an effect on the sympathetic nervous system that they can help release anxiety and also contribute to fighting depression.

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  1. Helps regulate emotions, especially when illnesses are concerned

We’re talking about chronic diseases and illnesses here when a person finds it very difficult to gain control over emotional stability and it is very draining, physically, but also emotionally to hold on to some kind of hope. Massage can be one little ray of the “some kind of hope”. Research shows that massage therapy can help alleviate strong negative and harmful feelings like anger, stress, anxiety, depression and help develop a sense of emotional peace and calm.

  1. A support while suffering from PTSD

PTSD is a horrific reality. It makes life hell. There’s no sleep without nightmares, you’re always stressed, the anxiety kills you and reliving the past becomes your reality. It is just a very difficult time for the person suffering from PTSD to get back to normal. Massage therapy helps here a little, being part of a bigger plan for treatment. It helps with some level of relaxing and getting back the much needed sleep.

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