Your Hair Can Give You A Health Update: Find Out How

Photo by Tim Mossholder (Pexels)

Yep, everything in the body is connected. Our bodies have this amazing way of telling us if we are healthy or sick, depending on how the various body parts and organs function. It is rather fascinating if you get to the nitty-gritty of the biology, but for now, let’s look at the connections our body tells us of when hair is concerned.

Your Hair Can Give You A Health Update: Find Out How
Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester (Pexels)

Oh yes, our body has strangely amazing ways of telling us about our health, just by how the condition of our hair is! Isn’t it amazing how our body processes pleasantly surprise us?

Here you go with the connections:

  1. Autoimmune Disorders

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition which can be indicated with the premature greying of hair. This condition makes the immune system attack cells that produce pigments in the skin. If you notice a lot of grey hair at a very early age, you might want to go to a doctor and get yourself checked for Vitiligo!

  1. Dehydration

If you want gorgeous looking hair, all hair products are on one side, but hydrating your body is one of the most essential things to do. Drinking a lot of water is key to great and healthy hair. If you feel like your hair is not growing properly and gets oily and sticky too fast, you might be in need of more hydration. So drink up! Your hair needs it.

  1. The kind of food you eat

Food has a hold on a LOT of things going on with our bodies. This is also true for your hair. If you feel like your hair doesn’t give the shine you would like or easily breaks, it might have something to do with your food habits. Eating more fruits and vegetables and other foods that contain protein bring about the glow in the hair and make it look livelier than ever.

  1. Iron Deficiency

Hair fall is connected to iron deficiency. If you notice a lot of hair fall when you take a shower or brush your hair, it could be that you are low on iron in your body. You should go to your doctor and check that out. Iron deficiency can be treated with healthier food habits and supplements too.

  1. Thyroid Issues

Did you know that the hair follicles are controlled by the thyroid hormone? Low levels of this hormone cause the hair follicles to stop form regeneration. If you see any patchy areas on your scalp or feel like your hair is thinning, it could be a thyroid issue that you should consult a doctor for.

Your Hair Can Give You A Health Update: Find Out How 1


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