7 Gross Ways To Boost Your Immunity System


The human immune system is a strange one to understand. While it is important that we know of ways to strengthen our immunity and stay healthy, sometimes our immunity system makes it weirdly interesting on how to do it!

Yes, there are strange ways to boost immunity and some of them are actually even gross! Wanna find out? Here are 7 (maybe gross) tips to follow if you want to boost your immunity system.

  1. Don’t shower everyday

You just found yourself an excuse to not take bath! Well, showering less helps in keeping the disease-fighting bacteria to live on longer on your skin and keep you away from some of the infections and sicknesses. But don’t take this too seriously and not shower at all because then you are inviting unwanted bacteria on your body!

  1. Don’t use shampoo too much

Shampooing your hair will make it clean and smell nice, but it also has a lot of chemicals that damage the good bacteria in your hair. So don’t use your shampoo every time you wash your hair. Winters are the best time to try this theory when you don’t wash your hair that often!

hairdresser putting shampoo
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  1. Eat your boogers

Wait, what?! Now that’s too gross. Not to recommend actually eating your boogers, but if your mouth unintentionally comes in contact with stuff from your nose (sorry for grossing you out but did not know how else to put it) it is actually known to boost your immunity! Strange, but true. Mucus stops the germs from entering your body and thus fights the germs.

  1. Eat a lot of garlic

Garlic is known to boost immunity. It helps fighting infections and keeping bad viruses and bacteria away. So eating a lot of garlic is good for you!

7 Gross Ways To Boost Your Immunity System 1

  1. Oil pulling is very helpful

So while oil pulling can feel very weird to do, it is an Ayurvedic technique to get rid of harmful viruses and bacteria. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and put it into your mouth, swishing it around for about 20 minutes or so and then spit it out. Feeling gross? It’s healthy!

  1. Eat raw onion

Raw onion is known to be very healthy and good for immunity. It fights against the infections that usually cause cold and cough.

7 Gross Ways To Boost Your Immunity System 2

  1. Kiss your pet more often

You will obviously kiss your pet too many times in a day to even count. But did you know that other than growing in love and affection with your pet, kissing your pet can boost your immunity too? Apparently, canine microbiomes help in strengthening human microbiomes, improving them.

papillon dog
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Which one did you find the least gross to try out first? Are you on your way to kiss your pet? I thought so too.


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