Your Greatest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have different types of fears that can shake us up. Even though we try to fight them, it feels next to impossible to overcome these giant monsters that creep up on us from time to time.

Here are your stars revealing your greatest fears. Find out if they’re true!

  1. Aquarius: Fear of institutionalization

Institutions feel like traps and prison, a kind of claustrophobia that comes from being in any kind of institution like a school, college, hospital, corporate office, hostel, etc. You cannot function in an institutionalized set up and get very restless to live by the rules others have made and thereby not being able to exercise your freedom.

  1. Pisces: Fear of responsibility

You are fearful of taking up responsibilities and always try to run away from them. Being mature and taking charge of things is not something you look forward to, but dread.

  1. Aries: Fear of losing loved ones

You enjoy fighting. If there is nothing to fight about, you can go up to the extreme of provoking your loved ones into a fight. You don’t do this on purpose but it is in your nature. And when the fight ends badly and your loved ones are hurt, you are not able to forgive yourself and beat yourself up because of it.

  1. Taurus: Fear of financial instability

You love a cosy and comfortable life and do not like any changes to it. Money plays a huge role here since you need good money to keep up with your cosy lifestyle. The moment you feel that there might be some changes in your accounts, you start trembling with fear, thinking of the luxuries you might have to give up on.

  1. Gemini: Fear of making decisions

You cannot make a decision and stick to it. You are scared of commitment and it is usually beyond your ability to take a firm stand on something. You keep swinging from one side to another, unsure of what you should do.

  1. Cancer: Fear of leaving home

You are scared to come out of your comfort zone. You don’t like new surroundings and challenges, they make you terrified because then you have to deal with them and there is no escaping.

  1. Leo: Fear of being ignored

You are scared of being unnoticed. It will take the life out of you to be in a room where nobody notices you. You need to be seen and recognized to feel accepted and loved.

  1. Virgo: Fear of imperfection

Being super organized is your thing. It is almost like a disease. You probably have OCD. If anything is disorganized or out of order, that’s it. You cannot breathe unless you have sorted it out.

  1. Libra: Fear of being alone

Being the hopeless romantic that you are, being alone is something you are constantly scared of. You are scared to even imagine living a life alone, with no one to share it with you. Hence you always try to have your loved ones around you so that you don’t get lonely.

  1. Scorpio: Fear of intimacy

You are someone who can hide their feelings behind that face of yours so well that no one can guess what you actually feel. You are reserved and hesitate to trust or open up to people because you fear intimacy and how it will affect/change you. You are afraid that if you open up to people, they might leave you and that hurt would be impossible to heal. This causes emotional withdrawal.

  1. Sagittarius: Fear of enclosed spaces

You have a certain level of claustrophobia where you’re scared of closed spaces and you feel suffocated in them. Since you love travelling and exploring nature, this fear can become your worst enemy from time to time.

  1. Capricorn: Fear of failure

You are a workaholic, constantly thinking about work and how to be more efficient in what you do. Even during vacations, your mind is at work. Success is what you crave and even when you know you’re doing your best at work, the fear of failure is always there at the back of your head, which affects your day to day life, and your work too.


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