The goodness and benefits of keeping lemon slices around your bedroom and house

Most people generally think that lemons are good only for making lemonades, right? Well, they are probably right and probably wrong too. While lemons can make great lemonades, they have other beneficial uses too and it comes as an alternative to many chemical detergents that you may be using at your house. And may I also remind you that lemons are a cheaper and healthier alternatives to those chemical detergents mentioned above.

1. Put lemon slices near your bed

Put lemon slices near your bed

Before you go to bed at night or even in the morning, you can cut the lemon into slices and place them in a bowl beside your bed.The lemon will not only get rid of any lingering smells in your bedroom and leave your room smelling fresh, it can also help you sleep better if you leave it overnight.

2. Wonderful solution for allergies

Wonderful solution for allergies

Breathing in lemons can relieve suffering from allergies, asthma and cold for those who suffer from these ailments. Give it a try.

3. Good night’s sleep

Good night's sleep

Ever wake up feeling tired and lethargic even though you’ve slept for eight hours at night? The reason behind it could be stress or nasal congestion etc. Try leaving lemon beside your pillow before sleeping or breathe it in before bed as it can help with relieving nasal congestion and even de-stress you.

4. Immune system also benefits from lemons

Immune system also benefits from lemons

Much like oranges, lemons too have a high content of Vitamin C in them. The benefit of Vitamin C is that it strengthens your immune system and has also been proved to target cancer cells. Drink lemon water regularly or add lemons to some of your meals to keep your body healthy.

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