Every girl must have these shoes for different occasions

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Shoes are usually the first thing people notice from your outfit. And if you are a girl, shoes are very important. They just rule over your whole outfit. If your outfit is great, but your shoes aren’t or don’t go with it – your outfit doesn’t matter anymore.

There are some shoes that every girl MUST own. There is just no compromise. These should and have to be in your closet, no matter what.

#1. Black Pumps

We all need at least one pair of heels, right? Nobody can disagree here. And you can never go wrong with a pair of hot black pumps – they go with everything and for almost all occasions! Be it a wedding, a date, for work, you name it and you probably can match your black pumps with your outfit.

Black Pumps


#2. Sandals

A pair of those “all-rounder” sandals that we all wear when we want to look and feel comfortable with our outfits? Yep, that’s the one. The stylish sandals that go with almost everything – casual and formal – and are super comfortable.

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#3. Wedges

Wedges are made for days when you want to wear heels but don’t want to deal with the blisters and the pain afterwards. A cute pair of wedges are just what you need – there are so many styles to choose from, so take your pick! Just make sure they go with majority of your outfits.

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#4. Boots

Yes, boots. You need a pair of these beauties too. The recommended length would be knee-length and in brown. These look so good during winters and also in autumn and spring! So, stay warm and in style!

Photo by angelo mercadante (Unsplash)


#5. Sneakers

It is not only the girly kind of shoes that we girls need. We also need a good pair of sneakers – the sporty kind to complete our shoe requirements. You can actually wear them with pants, shorts, skirts AND dresses – basically almost everything. They are classy and stylish and bring out the tomboy in you, not to mention how comfortable they are!

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#6. The daily wear

This is more like a necessity. You cannot survive without your everyday shoes. You know, those shoes that you can match with all your clothes and are your go-to for when you need to run out and don’t have time to choose what to wear? These are the ones. Make sure you get a pair with a neutral colour so they go with everything.

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