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How to get easy likes on your Facebook pages

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Running a Facebook page, for fun, business or otherwise, Likes on your page is important to keep you going.

If your page is for fun, it needs to give out a sense of satisfaction to the audience or if its for business then it become even more important because it will bring money. In order to do that you need to pay attention to your target audience and how to engage them so that your Page can get more and more Likes.

You must have seen Pages with 10 million likes or even more and wondered “How did this Page get to this level?” Well, let us tell you a secret. The secret is that those Pages would either be quite old like they would have been in existence since 2010 or close to that. When Facebook first started it did not have that complex algorithm to tackle the growth of an FB page, so whoever started FB Pages at that time, are reaping the benefits now. However, if the Pages are new,  then the people behind those Pages would have spent a lot of money in promotion to get those likes There are sites in which you can buy likes, but a word of caution, one should avoid these.


So lets see 3 ways on how to get likes from your Facebook page.

#1  Promote Your Page : Unfortunately,  if you don’t have an audience, no matter how good your post is, nobody will notice. How to promote: invite your friends and family to like and share with others on their friends’ list on Facebook.

But don’t worry if nobody is there to help you. That time, money is your best friend :D.  Go for “promote your Page” on Facebook, choose your budget and get started but be mindful that this does not always work so it’s better start with small budget.

Here is a screenshot of that option.

Facebook, promote your page

#2  Boost your post : For some of you, option one with money can be a costly affair. So there is another way called boost option which is a little cheaper.  First boost the page with your desired budget and then invite people to like the page. Note that this can be tiring sometimes and it’s also a slow process.

Facebook, boost post

Facebook, invite

#3   Engaging content: The key for your likes is the content, you can spend money to get more likes but if you want a million likes then your content has got to be different and engaging. The more people like and share, the more your page will grow. Remember Facebook has become smarter with new algorithm (though unfair to new user), so lot of innovation and thus creativity is required to get to that mark.

Best Wishes with your Facebook Pages, remember consistency always pays off.

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