Can’t believe that these were the headlines in the News

Sometimes editors also publish funny headlines in the news and you think why is this a headline. These days, people have their own way to read news whether by newspaper or online but in both modes sometimes editors becomes extra creative.

Headlines are supposed to be meaningful or relate to issues which are serious or require special attention. When you find something on the front page which shouldn’t be there, you start wondering if the editor on leave.

Here we bring to you some headlines from a variety of newspapers, which will make you scratch your head.

1. Jack Sparrow should be worried that people are really doing crazy things in his name.

funny headlines in the news


2. People are getting quite innovative with weapons. Now even a sausage is dangerous and should not be sold without licence.

funny headlines in the news

3. That is lethal revenge and the whole world should know and learn from this.

funny headlines in the news

4. Is this his real name? If the name is given by media then the  poor guy deserved a better name than poo man. Surely, the media can be more creative than this.

funny headlines in the news

5. What wrong did the cats do to deserve such treatment?

funny headlines in the news

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