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Writing a post on WordPress site is very easy but it can become really frustrating to track 404 error pages and Fix 404 error WordPress. When your site has a lot of articles, it is actually very difficult to track the 404 error pages.

What is 404 error? It is an error which is shown on a web browser when a URL of a website is not found. For example, you write a post and later you either change its URL, delete the post or you move the post somewhere else, and when a user tries to access that page, it shows that page is unavailable. This error of page not found is called “404 Error”. We can also call these errors as ‘broken links’ in a website.

Google has assured its users that 404 error does not affect the search results but it is absolutely not OK to have these error on your website. These error gives bad user experience to your website.

Let us see how you can track and get rid of these error on your WordPress website. This can be taken care by using a plugin rather than running into the code of your website.

We suggest two popular plugins which can get the job done:

1.  Redirection:  This plugin is most used for fixing 404 error pages. This plugin is very easy to use and maintains a log of all the errors which makes the track down very easy. Redirection plugin not only tracks the error pages but also have the option to redirect to the correct links. So give this plugin a try.

Fix 404 error WordPress redirection plugin

 2. Broken Links:  This plugin is also quite easy to use. It keeps a constant check on your website and lets you know which page’s URL is broken. It shows link status of your pages as well as for images/ media etc. This plugin also maintains a log of all the pages and shows whether the page is valid or not. Using this plugin you can easily track down the 404 errors and fix it. Please note that this plugin works like a bot system, so it may take sometime to scan your entire website to show if there are any broken links.

Fix 404 error WordPress broken links


We hope this article helped you to fix 404 error WordPress and keeping your website error free.

Note: We are not paid to write this articles. The plugins are suggested because of personal experience. 


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