Here’s Your Evil Superpower According To Your Zodiac Sign

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You can have your appearance masking your true self, but you cannot deny the capabilities that lie beneath it. Now sometimes, these capabilities can be dark and deadly.

Here’s figuring out what evil superpowers (capabilities) you possess according to your zodiac sign –

  1. Aquarius

Demonic Witchcraft: You have the power to communicate with the force of darkness and work with it. This means that you can call on any dark force of nature to help you in your evil plans.

  1. Pisces

Psychic Torture: With the use of mind games or telepathic control, you can get into anyone’s head and torture them until they get to a hallucinatory state.

  1. Aries

Deadly Strength: Because of your super strong instincts, you put all your strength in everything you do. This kind of strength can be very deadly and wild, if you wish it to be.

  1. Taurus

Poisonous Touch: You are in deep connection with the five senses of the body and you can pull them to pieces with merely your touch. With your poisonous embrace, you can send out pretty threatening vibes.

  1. Gemini

Shapeshifting: You have the power to turn into a person your enemies trust and once that happens, you can easily manipulate them and attack them when they least expect it.

  1. Cancer

Mind Reading: No one can possibly lie to you. You have the capability of seeing through a person and reading whatever he/she is thinking. People’s minds are your play area. They cannot have secrets from you.

  1. Leo

Immortal Youth: You are an energy vampire. You can tap into anyone’s energy, that you find desirable, and soak up the youth from that person. So this way, you can stay young forever with unending energy.

  1. Virgo

Evil Genius: The deadliest superpower is the brain, and you have it. With your amazing intelligence and genius plans you can wreck just about anyone’s life.’

  1. Libra

Sneaky Seduction: You have the deadly power of seducing anyone to do whatever you want them to do. All it takes is being a little clever and sneaky about it. You can be very persuasive and nobody can say no to you.

  1. Scorpio

Mind Control: Once you look into someone’s eyes and establish control, they are your slaves. You can make them do anything you say and they will not even think twice.

  1. Sagittarius

Energy Control: Controlling energy is a massive superpower that you can use as you have the ways of mother nature on your side and can manipulate it to make life easy for you and difficult for those whom you dislike.

  1. Capricorn

World Domination: You can take over the entire world and rule over everyone. You then have power over everything and no one can neglect your laws.

Here's Your Evil Superpower According To Your Zodiac Sign
Photo by frankie cordoba


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